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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Toy Review: S.H. Figuarts Dan Kuroto Shin A New Joy and Anger

S.H. Figuarts Dan Kuroto Shin A New Joy and Anger is akin to the later stage of the show when he became a digital form of himself and revives quite frequently. His suit is more of a casual look, bashful but with a more light-hearted demeanor. Like the other version, he also has a whole in the back. This is because this version has a continue pipe that is at first comes in two halves and if you have a tamashii stage arm can be connect together so that the figure won’t fall off that easily. 

This set comes with 2 additional faceplates, 9 extra hands with a pair that can hold the black gashats. Also part is the clear adaptor for the aforementioned tamashii arm. 

I have no major issues with this figure since most of the parts are the same with his alternative figure. The continue pipe is great to have to complete the style and what Kuroto has been doing in Kamen Rider Ex-aid’s final half of the season. The Gashats without stickers is a minor thing to gripe on but I find this set more amusing overall.


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