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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Toy Review: Revoltech Iron Man Mark VI

Iron Man Mark 6 is my first ever review for the Revoltech line. As I promised to diversify more and dwell on other stuffs than SH Figuarts. I was convinced by a friend in HWM Singapore to buy this out from him, his sales talk worked on me. Besides it's Iron Man so no need for further pitches. I'm not setting expectations when I finally had him so I'll try to be honest in doing this written review. 

Mark 6 is the moment when Tony Stark's old power core was failing and killing him. Nick Fury opens a suggestion to check on his Tony's father's notes for clue to find a solution - build a new palladium core. With the aid of his server brain child J.A.R.V.I.S., has created a new arc reactor which came with the new suit. Thus the legend of Iron Man Mk. 6 moves on.

As my first Revoltech figure, I was impressed on the box design. We have Iron Man featured at the face of the box and at the back, suggested poses for the figure. Going back, the cover is a panel opening to a blub about Iron Man and a window that showcases the whole figure including accessories. This style has a touch of hottoys or Project BMs from Medicom. As some Asian countries say, same same but different LOL.

Accessories come in a form of two closed fists, two chopping/open hands, another pair that works as repulsor blasts or take off. The take off hands are quite unique, it brings your imagination a up notch to and lets you imagination fly especially for photography purposes. Continuing on, a stand that represents that thrust effect that is just right at Iron Man's flight. A case where you can place some of the accessories inside for quick storage and of course a Revoltech Coin. I have no idea what that is for, can you claim something out of it?

Being a noob at the Revoltech boulevard, it is somehow a pain to move the joints. These may provide the articulation you need but I felt it had to much. Meaning, I came to a point that I actually needed to check the box design and the instructions to bring the figure back to its default state. In terms of the paint job, Iron Man has this illusion of a metallic finish when in fact it is plain glossy. With a premium and iconic toy such as Iron Man, I wished that the window for the arc core is in translucent plastic and also with its eyes. But these are in matte silver paint.

Another challenge was actually placing the toy on the stand. It takes quite getting used to.The smoke effects at the sides of the stand does have Revoltech hinges which you can move in angles that you prefer. Nice touch but again feels unnecessary. I kinda dig the whole Iron Man 6 Kaiyodo offering despite the complex joints. That is why I already pre-ordered War Machine coming this October.






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