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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fourze's 40 Swtiches list and Final States Rumors

After listening on the sounds on the DX Fourze Driver. Below is a list of the switches that has and will be featured on the TV series Kamen Rider Fourze - all 40 of them. There are some mentioned switches here that are yet to be presented but I've added a few tidbits and rumors that came with it.

Below is an appendix where each switch goes/forms to which module in Fourze's armor:
Circle  - right arm
Cross - right leg
Square - left arm
Triangle - left leg

Here we go.

1. Rocket Switch (ロケットスイッチ,  Circle): This equips Fourze with the Rocket Module (ロケットモジュール) for the right arm, so he can fly as fast as a rocket. This also bring 40 tons of punch power.

2. Launcher Switch (ランチャースイッチ, Cross): The Launcher Switch arms Fourze with the Launcher Module (ランチャーモジュール) on his right leg, allowing him to attack enemies from a far distance. The module can launch 5 missiles to attack an enemy, though without the Radar Module on, the flight pattern of the missiles can very chaotic.

3. Drill Switch (ドリルスイッチTriangle): The Drill Switch forms the Drill Moduel (ドリルモジュール, ) for his left leg. Combining it with the Radar Module, this allows Fourze do a more stunning Limit Break for Base States.

4. Radar Switch (レーダースイッチ Square): The Radar Switch froms the Radar Module (レーダーモジュール) for the left arm. This allows Fourze to lock targets and contact Kengo at any point. The Radar Module work very well with the Launcher Module for his leg.

5. Magic Hand Switch (マジックハンドスイッチ Circle): The Magic Hand Switch forms the Magic Hand Module (マジックハンドモジュール) for his right arms allowing Fourze to reach at 10 meter and carry items through End Effect Pinch (エンドエフェクトペンチ).

6. Camera Switch (カメラスイッチ Square): The Camera Switch is usually used for the Burgermeal Foodriod. The allows the Kamen Rider Club to scout areas or for their stealth operations.

7. Parachute Switch (パラシュートスイッチ Square): This switch forms the Parachute Module (パラシュートモジュール) for his left arm to deploy three parachutes at once.

8. Chainsaw Switch (チェーンソースイッチCross): The Chainsaw switch allows Fourze to use the Chainsaw Module (チェーンソーモジュール) for his right leg. Fourze has used this module a couple of times to saw Zodiarts from his right leg

9. Hopping Switch (ホッピングスイッチ Triangle): The Hopping Switch forms the Hopping Module (ホッピングモジュール) for his left leg. This allows Fourze to jump from 20 to 40 meters. This module was seen before as a useless accessory until Fourze has proven differently.

10. Elek Switch (エレキスイッチCircle): The Elek Switch forms Fouze's Elek Module Billy the Rod (エレキモジュール ビリーザロッド). Using the Elek Module allows Fourze to form into the second upgrade -  Elek States.

11. Scissors Switch (シザーススイッチ Square): The Scissors Switch forms the Scissors Module (シザースモジュール) for his left arm. It looks like you plain household scissors. However, this can cut through metal like paper. The Scissors Switch is used for Potechokin.

12. Beat Switch (ビートスイッチ Cross): The Beat Switch forms the Beat Module (ビートモジュール) for his right leg, it forms a boom box that produced 20- 50 kHz of sonic waves.

13. Chain Array Switch (チェーンアレイスイッチ,  Circle): The Chain Array Switch becomes the Chain Array Module (チェーンアレイモジュール) which is a huge steel ball and chain. The ball is called the Blowing Star . The Rough Spikers on the Blowing Star are made from a foreign metal called Astorium.

14. Smoke Switch (スモークスイッチ, Cross): The Smoke Switch forms the Smoke Module (スモークモジュール) to distract enemies, disorient and choke with smoke.

15. Spike Switch (スパイクスイッチ, Triangle): The Spike Switch the leg-brace of the Spike Module (スパイクモジュール=) for his left leg. This consists of spikes also made out of Astorium for close range attacks. 

16. Winch Switch (ウインチスイッチ Square): The Winch Switch arms Fourze the Winch Module (ウインチモジュール) for the left arm. This has a turbine and a hook called the Boost Hooker (ブーストフッカー) that can pull objects with up to 5 tons.

17. Flash Switch (フラッシュスイッチ Circle): this forms the Flash Module (フラッシュモジュール) to blind enemies with a bright light as bright as a sun.This module gets better with used with the Flashake.

18. Shield Switch (シールドスイッチ, Square): This switch forms a shield that looks like a shuttle when it becomes a Shield Module (シールドモジュール) The Shield Module is deemed very useful against Zodiart melee and long-ranged attacks. The shield's strength is almost impenetrable  due to its Astorium element.

19. Gatling Switch (ガトリングスイッチTriangle). This forms the  the Gatling Module (ガトリングモジュール), from its etymology this is a Gatling gun that enables Fourze to shoot bullets about 10 rounds per second. The bullets are strong enough to penetrate 10 inch concrete structures.

20. Fire Switch (ファイアースイッチ Circle). This switch enables Fourze to form the Fire States and arms him with the Fire Module Hea-Hackgun (ファイヤーモジュール ヒーハックガン).

21. Stealth Switch (ステルススイッチ): The Stealth Switch arms Fourze with the Stealth Module (ステルスモジュール)

22. Hammer Switch (ハンマースイッチ Square): This switch forms the Hammer Module (ハンマーモジュール). This is a huge Hammer that has 4-tons of power.

23. Water Switch (ウォータースイッチTriangle):The Water Switch forms the Water Module (ウォーターモジュール. Uōtā Mojūru). A huge hose to extinguish fires and blasts water about 3000 psi. 

24. Medical Switch (メディカルスイッチSquare): The Medical Switch arms Kamen Rider Fourze with the Medical Module (メディカルモジュール) 

25. Pen Switch (ペンスイッチCross):The Pen Switch forms the  (ペンモジュール). The use is still unknown. 

26. Wheel Switch (ホイールスイッチ Triangle): The Wheel Switch forms with the Wheel Module (ホイールモジュール).

27. Screw Switch (スクリュースイッチ Square): The Screw Switch forms the Screw Module (スクリューモジュール).

28. Hand Switch (ハンドスイッチCross). This forms the Hand Module (ハンドモジュール).

29. Scope Switch (スコップスイッチ) this forms the Scope Module (スコップモジュール).

30. Magnet N Switch (マグネットNスイッチ): The Magnet Switch (N) is built into the MagPhone along with the Magnet Switch (S), which allows Kamen Rider Fourze to become Magnet States. The Magnet Switch (N) allows Kamen Rider Fourze to use the Magnet Module (N) (マグネットモジュール(N) in Magnet States.

31. Magnet S Switch (マグネットSスイッチ): The Magnet Switch (S) is built into the MagPhone along with the Magnet Switch (N), which allows Kamen Rider Fourze to become Magnet States. The Magnet Switch (S) allows Kamen Rider Fourze to use the Magnet Module (S) (マグネットモジュール(S) in Magnet States.

32. Freeze Switch (フリーズスイッチCross) This switch forms the Freeze Module (フリーズモジュール) to basically freeze enemies in an icy state.

33. Claw Switch (クローモッチ Circle):  This forms the Claw Module (クローモジュール)

34. Board Switch (ボードスイッチTriangle): This forms the Board Module (ボードモジュール).

35. Giantfoot Switch (ジャイアントフットスイッチCross): This forms the Giantfoot Module (ジャイアントフットモジュール) for stomping action.

36. Aero Switch (エアロスイッチ Triangle): The Aero Switch forms the Aero Module (エアロモジュール)

37. Gyro Switch (ジャイロスイッチSquare): The Gyro Switch forms the Gyro Module (ジャイロモジュール)

38. Net Switch (ネットスイッチ Cross): This forms the  Net Module (ネットモジュール, Netto Mojūru)  to capture Zodiarts.

39. Stamper Switch (スタンパースイッチ Triangle): This forms Stamper Module (スタンパーモジュー)

40. Apollo Switch (アポロスイッチ, Aporo Suitchi): The Apollo Switch allows Kamen Rider Fourze to become Apollo States. It is said that Apollo States is Fourze's final form. 

According to rumors, the leaders of the Zodiarts are made up of the Zodiac signs. There strength is determined by this order (from strongest to weakest) - Leo, Virgo, Libra, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and lastly Pisces. However  Sasori  is not listed but yet to reveal its identity in upcoming episodes. 

Also it has yet to reveal the mind behind the Zodiarts. It is rumored that the master is the Headmaster of the High School. When in Zodiart form he is know as Red-eyed man or Pyxis Zodiarts

Take these rumors lightly as it is yet to reveal in upcoming episodes and in Japanese Magazines. 


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