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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Toy Review: SIC Kiwami Tamashii Kamen Rider Knight

Ok. For all the praises I said again about the SIC Kiwami line there is about 1 of 10 releases that seems to be a bad apple. Wait, I'm not saying that the SIC Kiwami Tamashii Knight is that bad, but it is not one of the biggest wants in the line either. This is probably the reason why he was part of the last picks I did to complete (or at least be updated) on the said figure line.

The box design continues to have the old school feel with dark photos of Kamen Rider Knight at the back and some of the listed SIC and SIC Kiwami Tamashii offerings, well back then. When you take our the figure and its plastic case, his rider logo is omnipresent. Some collectors even cut this out and paste it on a harder card board that will serve as a backdrop of this SIC KT. The war rages on as you will be taking a few minutes longer to take out the figure because of the wretched twisties.

The head sculpting for KR Knight, should I say, looks melted. In its regular SIC line, the details are superb for the re-imagined Kamen Rider. However, on SIC KT it doesn't show that refined yet grunge atmosphere.

Knight's shoulder pads hinders a lot in the articulation. Most of the time, you can only raise the arms sideways about 30-45 degrees only. You'll also notice that you aren't able to clip his arms on his waist and there are not aligned in a straight line. In short, using his arms in action poses is a waste. I have no qualms from the waist below as these are similar to Hibiki's which I really like.

Kamen Rider Knight only has 4 accessories - two open hands (the holding hands are already dafault), a Dark Vent Rapier (sounds like rapist =3) and a Wing Lancer. Most of the Knight's symbols on these two weapons are not as detailed as I hope it could be. Both look like more of a Batman signal than Kamen Rider Knight. Wing Lancer's tip is a soft plastic mold and easily warped under warm conditions. The details on both weapons are truly off. Moreover, holding these weapons are such a pain and don't snug well on the hands. Because of the length, especially the lance, the figure tends to fall off when a stand is not present. During my photo taking, I had the lance kissing the ground rather than held up.

Yes, I said on the video review that I recommended this figure, but it is because I got Ryuki on hand. What's Batman without Robin anyway?





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