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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Toy Review: SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Punch Hopper and Kick Hopper

Welcome to my review of the Hell Bros., depressed Kamen Rider-at-arms. Took me quite a few months to finally review these two SHFs. About nearly 6 months ago SHF KickHopper just got re-released due to the clamor of SHF fans and seems to have some sort of shortage. Because of this, PunchHopper became the rare figure to find. Especially if you want the first release edition which includes a Stage Act 1/2 stand.

It has been ages since I did a double review, but it is hard to separate them from each other because SHF Kamen Rider KickHopper and PunchHopper are practically of the same mold with slight differences in terms of paint apps and position of their mechanical arm/leg. Like I said earlier, only PunchHopper is the first release edition so he only has the stand.

Both were the first non-movie Figuarts Riders released after the Next SHFs. So this means they have the same box type as the Next riders with a image of the characters at the side of the box. Even if both have been re-issued, there were no changes on the box art. At the back, a watermark and photos of the figures were present. To add, both share one photo that had both Hopper Bros side by side.

If you happen to get first release of the Hopper Bros, both will definitely have a Tamashii Stage with custom phrases on top and an SHF logo. It is like a box of chocolates, no stage phrase is the same. You won't even know what Punchie and Kicker phrase you'll get till you actually open the box.

Some of these phrases are:
(Do you want to fall to hell with me? Become my little brother.) 
(We are residents of darkness! Forsake the light!)
(Did you.. just laugh at me?)
(You're lucky... unlike someone like me..)

Kamen Rider PunchHopper
(The worst is the best.)
2.「いいなぁ あの犬 褒められてる」
(Ahh, I envy that dog...)
(That's me... I've also been smashed to pieces...)
(The sun... is polluted..)

Other accessories for both figures are a pair of spliced hands and relaxed hands. What will surprise you two years ago are the Aniki Ramen bowls, the lids are on stickers but the details on it is very readable. If you know how to read these, I bet you'll understand the characters on top without any problem.

Two years ago, the articulation points are one of the best so far in Bandai history. Both Hoppers are highly poseable even without the help of the Tamashii Stand. The only time I had to use this is when I need Aniki do a Rider Kick beside PunchHopper.

Both compounds eyes are neatly done and to tell that Bandai really took effort to perfect these Hoppers to set the course for the next line of SHF figures. It has been awhile but I think that we haven't seen such superb metallic paint. The paint apps creates the illusion that the arms and the leg guards are die cast. Both Anchors for both riders move just like on the show. PunchHopper's Anchor is smaller than Aniki's.

Overall, I both love the figures even the addition of the Aniki Ramen and Younger Bro Ramen were kinda lame. Even so, SHF would be as prestigious today if not for these two. The release of PunchHopper and KickHopper paved the way to the SHF craze in the tokuworld, so I strongly suggest to get a piece of SHF history with the Hell Bros. Both are worth your payslip unless you are paying above average costs. If that is the case, wait for someone to sell these in affordable prices on online trading sites.







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