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Friday, January 20, 2012

Toy Review: SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Ouja

SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Ouja came into my doorstep just right before my flight for the New Year's vacation. At first glance, I was expecting something similar to Ryuki and Knight - long, thick box with the same tone of excited as I had with the other two. We will go with the details in a bit.

Box size is more than half than the previous SHF Ryuki releases. With its size, the details and photos on the box were cut short too. If you check on the back we have three profiles including Sword Vent and Advent positions. That is because it didn't had a contact monster. Looks depressing right? But wait.

Ouja has a total of 20 accessories which counts for the hands, 6 Advent Cards and two weapons - the Veno Visor and the Veno Saber. The Veno Visor honestly makes me reminisce He-Man's Evil-Lyn, a staff with a King Cobra for its head. Its slot for the advent cards is found at the back of its head and it is easy to see so there's no need for additional instructions for it. The jaw is a soft rubbery plastic mold, with a bit of patience, you can adjust the jaw accordingly.

Sword Vent is formed from a rattle snake's tail if you are familiar with slitherin venomous animals of the wild. However the edges are like a base of a cork screw similar to Knight's Final Vent but fashionably curved to add injury to those who dare.

Six cards mentioned earlier are the following
Advent - to summon Venosnaker
Sword Vent - to use the Veno Saber.
Steal Vent - to steal other weapons
Final Vent - for Veno Crash, Ouja's final attack
two blank cards are also included

SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Ouja hindrances in terms of articulation are on the arms if you want to raise those hands more than 90 degrees. His tunic would be the cause of that. Speaking of tunics, this snake theme's accent has grooves underneath showcasing the detailed-ness of SHFs. The rest of the joints would cover the same as Ryuki and Knight. The only problem I have still are the plug designs on the arms. Even if you just accidentally removed these, expect them to be loose forever. During photo sessions, these fall of even without me touching.

In my opinion only, the manufacturer got burned in producing on Ryuki and Knight and sold in a certain price point.

Nevertheless, Ouja is still a decent figure and far from the failed SHFs seen in 2011. The details continue to be cut above the rest and the playbility is still at par with both past Ryuki-related riders.

Never let this figure down because it is one monster less in the package. As the overused saying goes, never judge a book by its cover.







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