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Friday, February 17, 2012

Toy Review: DX Power Dizer and Machine Massigler

Welcome to my review of the DX Power Dizer and Machine Massigler. There we three riders who ever used the Power Dizer - Shun, Kengo and Gentaro. It was later on the show that Shun is the main user of Power Dizer to help Gentaro in any way possible. DX Kamen Rider Vehicles excite me, mainly because these are more user-friendly and fits well on either my SH Figuarts or S.I.C. releases. The main purpose for this purchase is mainly to showcase that this set will complete my erratic imagination of Space Time!

In its DX toy form, the Power Dizer is well balanced when standing straight. The arms are on a segmented gear so that the arms won't fall abruptly. I just hoped that there is a waist or ab movement to make the Dizer more poseable. I was thinking more of a football tackle position like what Shun does on this massive looking metal clothing.

The legs doesn't help that much in the overall movement because the legs flail away from the torso. Even if the joints are secured, the wobbliness is somewhat disappointing more over distracting.

There are 4 sounds when you press the button on the forehead mainly for the Dizer, 2 for Tower and Vehicle mode. When launching the Massigler, the tower mode has a countdown sound which makes the whole experience cooler. Power Dizer is easy to transform from mecha, vehicle and tower mode. Heck is it not complex at all, it takes about 30 seconds to change into different modes, my deluxe animated transformers are more tedious than this.

In a nut shell, the Power Dizer is nice to look at but the lack of poseability and the clunky joints makes me move slightly to a frown.

The Massigler is the plainest Kamen Rider bike I've ever seen. Yes, it is fashioned like a space shuttle but if this is the first time you've seen this, it feels like a bike with just a tail fin. Its kick stand is most of the time useless as it tumbles quite easily. At least the wheels function as they should be, less the spring at back wheels. Maybe Bandai will correct this when its SHF counter arrives.

Getting this is I would say not highly recommended but provides you the Uchuu Kitaaa experience you need.








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