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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Fourze Episode 31: Plei-Ades King-Dom - Preview

Fourze episode 31 is entitled: Plei-Ades King-Dom "Subaru Boshi Ō Koku" (昴・星・王・国). After the 39th and 40th Astroswitches are developed, Amanogawa Subaruboshi High Schools hold a test transfer of some of AGHS's students to SBHS, which causes problems when the Aries Zodiarts makes itself known at SBHS. The Aries Zodiarts appears and he is a transfer student from Amanogawa to Ryuusei's former High School Suraboshi High. During the conflicts, Gentarou finally knows who is Kamen Rider Meteor and confronts Ryuusei.


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