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Sunday, July 15, 2012

2nd Kamen Rider Fourze Movie Promo and New Power Dizers

Here is a streamed 2nd OP of today's Kamen Rider Fourze episode with shots from the upcoming movie: Everyone, It's Space Time! It will feature Grandain, and the younger sister Skydain as they try to attack Earth. Nao Nagasawa will reprise her role at teacher Haruka Utsugi and sexy sultress Mikie Hara and Inga Brink and Ayumi Kinoshita will join in as casts.

Toei's official website recently uploaded photos and behind the scene footages of the upcoming movie. Inga Brink teams up with Kyodain Black Knight, another humanoid antagonist in the movie. Toei almost kept the 1976 version of the costume.

Another surprise is that there will be three versions of the Power Dizer that will be featured in the film, the green and white/red versions have huge Gatling guns and this is more likely based as a military tank than of a launcher like the yellow version.

Lastly, the Toei showcases the orange outfit that our KRC team will wear during the movie. Gentaro is sporting a black jacket and the rest of the team has a bloody rabbit patched at the back. Kamen Rider Fourze the Movie: It's Space Time, Everyone premiers August 4th. 


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