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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

AKIBAFUSION GIVEAWAY! Win an SHF AkibaRed and JEFusion Shirt!

Toy reviewer Firestarter1331 and JEFusion | Japanese Entertainment Blog brings you a contest that you shouldn't miss! Up for grabs is the new S.H. FiguArts AkibaRed and a soon-to-be-revealed JEFusion T-Shirt featuring InuRanger!

To enter the contest, all you need to do is answer this few questions:

Yumeria Moegi aka AkibaYellow is played by Karin Ogino. In which recent Kamen Rider Movie was she in before/during Akibarangers?
What do you call the combination of all weapons (the cannon) bestowed to them by BoukenRed, Red Hawk, DekaRed?

Email your answers to: firestarter1331@gmail.com
Subject Headline: Akibafusion Giveaway!

The contest requirements are as follows:
  1. Youtube username - you have to be a subscriber of Firestarter1331's YouTube Channel to consider you entry. Only one username is allowed for submission.
  2. Your Facebook username/URL - you also need to "LIKE" JEFusion Facebook Page in order to consider your entry.
Prize includes a brand news S.H. FiguArts AkibaRed with the limited edition Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger Tamashii Stages, and an all new JEFusion T-Shirt featuring Inuranger, the site's mascot.

The deadline of submission is on August 5th, 8pm JST. And winners will be drawn on August 6th, Monday. Good luck to your entries!

Watch the review here:


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