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Friday, July 13, 2012

First Look: Kamen Rider Wizard Toys

Just less than two months to go new toy catalog scans reveals cool Kamen Rider Wizard goodies before it hit selves this September-October. Here are some toys that you want to save up to before stocks run out.

The first clip shows the DX WizarDriver and it mentions that the set will include three rings - Flame Style, Water Style and an ability ring for summoning PlaMonsters. These rings has a holster that is latched beside the belt. When activated with the ring, the driver shouts "Shyahadobi, touch henshin!” or “Patch Magic Touch Go!” when the ability ring is used.

Another image shows Kamen Rider Wizard's weapon, the DX WizarSwordGun. The package include two rings, Hurricane Ring for Hurricane Styles, and Land Ring for Land Style. At first, the hand is clenched but it can open up to scan rings for the finisher attack. The DX WizardSwordGun has two modes with respective built in sound phrases. In gun mode the hissatsu acclaims "Kyamono Shooting Shake Hands!" while and in sword mode is “Kyamono Slash Shake Hands!”. 

Kamen Rider Wizard also have buddy chibi animal friends such as the REd Garuda, Blue Unicorn and Yellow Kraken and they are activated also through the rings. These will be released in November for the Wizard Action Please toy line such as the Flame Style 01.

Speaking of which, earlier reported is that the latest articulative toy line is the Wizard Action Please or WAP. The first issue is the WAP Flame Style 01 and will be released on October.

Finally here is the release schedule for the Kamen Rider Wizard Ring Sets: DX Flame Dragon Wizard Ring Set, DX Hurricane Dragon Wizard Ring Set, DX Water Dragon Wizard Ring Set, DX Wizard Ring Set 01, Set 02, and Set 03. Also seen is the Flame Style's Powered-Up form.

Source: HJU via Jefusion


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