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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Gobuster Episode Guide: Escape Appears and It's Yoko's Birthday!

Gobuster episodes are increasingly becoming interesting. In next few episodes,  will Blue Buster bid farewell to the team? Escape joins in episode 22 and it's Yoko Birthday! Let's take a peek and watch the plans unfold.

Mission 21 Farewell Blue Buster (7/15)
Knowing Ryuji’s weakness went under a program to control it. It is necessary that Ryuji remains cool and not overheat. Suddenly, the airconditioning system fails and Ryuji condition starts to become worse. Everyone is worried about Ryuji and want to bring his body temperature down even Gorisaki is coming certain state of panic. His condition is becoming more life threatening.

Mission 22 Title: TBA (7/22)
The team received an email message that somebody have taken a hold of Enetron. Hiromu thinks that this is form of a prank but he cannot ignore the message and they need to take precautions. What they found out is that the message came from an elementary school student named Shouta from Morishita. Then there was an abnormal reaction from the Enetron tower and Hiromu was suddenly trapped inside the building. In other places, a new Avatar named Escape appears carrying two pistols and tries to attack Gobusters to test their abilities.

Mission 23 Title: TBA (7/29)
Commander Kuroki heard a cheerful voice from his receiver. Yoko in turning 17 and the team needs to come and celebrate with her. Nick prepared for her birthday party and during that time Yoko began to reminisce about her mother – an excellent pilot during that time before that incident 13 years ago. And the moment was cut off when the team suddenly heard some abnormal Enetron reaction.


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