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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New DBZ Movie To Premier in March 2013 (UPDATE)

On our last post, it is been reported that there will be a new Dragon Ball movie slated next year. Now it has been confirmed through issue 33 of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine that there will be Dragon Ball Z anime film to premier on March 30, 2013. DBZ author Akira Toriyama will get his hands on throughout the production of the movie.

The said movie will be accompanied by DBZ episode director Masahiro Hosoda and written by Yuusuke Watanabe in cooperation with Tadayoshi Yamamuro as the lead animation director.

Akira Toriyama promises that the film will still have its original flavor but with a modern taste. The announcement lists Fox International Productions Japan as a member of the film's production committee, alongside Shueisha, Fuji TV, Toei Animation, Bandai, and Bandai Namco Games.

Source: ANN


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