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Friday, July 27, 2012

Toy Review: Play Arts Kai Arkham Asylum Armored Batman

Here is your first look on the Square Enix Play Arts Kai Armored Batman. Just in time for the Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises movie even through this figure is based on the Arkham Asylum game created by Rocksteady Studios. This is also my first DC review.

Batman has a very cool and thick box art showcasing a panoramic view of (most likely) Gotham city on a murky night sky and splashed purple paint near the window.  It has its game logo at the bottom left hand side and the Play Arts Kai Logo in silver letters on the right.

As for Batman's accessories, he comes with a holding hand (right) and a open-relaxed hand (left). There also two weapons included such as a batarang and a grappling hook. The only change in the weapons is the grappling hook/gun which used to have three hooks, now with the armored version, we only have one. Holding the weapons is not as sleek as you'd hope it would be, the gun has an awkward position when used, tiltedupwards instead of a 180 degree angle. The batarang has its misses as well like it doesn't snug well on the holding hand and you are left with it hanging on Batman.

The armored version has this mech look with airbrush dark creases showing off the muscular tone of the suit. Batman's cowl looks angrier with more defined and deep set of eyes. 

Batman's texture is quite course and this covers from head to the cape.  Articulation is darn amazing for this toy line but the hindrances lie on the his shoulders because of his cape. You may try to adjust it but leaves you with a uncomfortable squeaking sound. 

The cape also has ball joints that are well hidden from view. Aside from the armor look, one significant change is on the utility belt, two pockets where removed and replaced with four cylinders instead.  Too bad Batman doesn't come with a stand because I love to see him displayed in a more dynamic action pose than static. 

In conclusion, this is a good alternative to the first release on a premise that you don't have a Play Arts Kai Batman yet. This is as solid as the first and the deeper tone really sets the mood of the dark knight. I'm excited for the rest of the characters that are coming out soon.




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