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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Toy Review: S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Raia

This is my review of Miyuki Tezuka in figure form, the S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Raia. After so many SHF releases for the Kamen Rider Ryuki series, so far the size of this box is similar to other normal Figuarts releases. Raia still have his gradient image marked on the box and at the back are his poseabilities and a preview of his accessories.

It is also good to note that Raia doesn't have those plastic sleeves wrapped around his waist, under his belt. I'm not sure why, I thought this is a norm for Ryuki releases because it protects the plastic in rubbing against the belt especially in humid temperatures.

Raia is what it is, a regular no nonsense figure. What he includes is his EvilVisor, 4 Advent card and 8 hands. It is nifty to know that he also has a "pigtail" that is combined from 2 segments to you can move this in different direction without hindering head movement. Oh, he also comes with a whip with its tip that swivels. Not that would amaze you, but it is there.

Articulation is the same as what other latest SHF releases have with that hidden ankle pivot I always love about SHF Ryuki figures. Raia shares the same balanced leg design enabling him to do a lot of action poses without the help of a Tamashii Stand. He can even stand in one leg too. Obviously Raia is themed from a venomous stingray and that is clear on his helmet which includes a pair of smaller eyes - a deviant design from old Kamen Riders which usually have grasshopper compound eyes. Gimmickry is the same, we have his card deck on the belt that slides out easily and the EvilVisor's slot on the head to insert the Advent cards.

Raia as a whole is clean and well executed. I see no reason why you shouldn't get one.



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