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Monday, July 9, 2012

Toy Review: S.I.C. Kamen Rider Kuuga (Decade Edition)

However how confusing the story was, Kamen Rider Decade is one of the most memorable Kamen Rider series in the Hsieh era. Basically not because of the rider, but how people took "onore dikeido" to another level. The popularity of the show has led Bandai milking all of Decade merchandizes including toys. One to mention is the S.I.C. series.

Kamen Rider Kuuga Vol. 56 is one of two Decade edition packs for the S.I.C. line. It is a humble attempt to try to reproduce the final form ride series in SIC. In this set we have a new mold for Kuuga Mighty form and Amazing Mighty as a bonus. Of course the final form ride is not complete without the Gouram. Kuuga is in every bit very poseable and I see no hindrances when placed in different positions. This is very impressive for something done for S.I.C. However, it is not a smooth rider when he is combined with Gouram. Nevertheless, some would argue that this is not SIC enough, but at the same time a good strategy from Bandai as this mold is somewhat conservative and appeals to those who have previously disliked SICs because of the lack of articulation and the re-imagined art. Others it is because they like Decade. Let go though detailing this set.

The remolded Kuuga is slightly better than of its initial release, or when compared to previous S.I.C.s this one looks safe. Safe because this doesn't veer away that much from the character. Kuuga has smoother lines and from my standpoint, only the head is deformed and the rest retains what it should if you are going to compare this to S.H. Figuarts. 

Articulation has really improved and Kuuga is less restricted when posed in different sections especially when he is in his signature roll call stance. The hands and other parts have been replaced by pegs rather than balljoints which proved more effective in replacing parts on to this figure. You won't need to squeeze in your way just to plug the wrists in. Mighty form is quite solid but when transformed into Amazing Mighty, the knee caps fall off. I figured out that tearing pieces of tissue paper and wrapping the pegs help in tightening these into the knees. 

Vol. 56 includes the Decade belt and RideBooker since this is part of the Final Form Ride series. However, the Decade Driver doesn't have the same gimmick wherein it turns so you can follow the final form ride action and the RideBooker doesn't flip to store cards in. At least this turns into gun mode. 

Final Form Ride entails using the Gouram that came with the set. Transformation is quite simple by just tucking his arms and replacing the shin guard with extended pegs for the Gouram's legs. Kuuga fits in nicely on Gouram's hollow shell but this transformation is not as stable as the Final Form Ride Series.  Don't expect that it could hold the whole form into midair and the pegs and slots don't hold well. 





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