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Friday, August 24, 2012

Gobusters Episode Guide To 28-31 [UPDATED]

In upcoming episode of Tokumei Sentai Gobusters, there are hints on the upcoming upgrades for our trio called the Go-Busters Powered Custom. If they will go into upgraded forms, so as our villains.

Moreover, Vagrass has stolen the Enetron and stored it in hyperspace. Messiah now has all the Enetron needed for him to evolve. It is time for Kuroki to command  the team to go to hyperspace to shut Messiah down once and for all. On the other end, Masato is still not revealing what is going in hyperspace or whether Yoko and Hiromu's parents are still alive. The decisive battle has come at last. 
There is something strange on Messiah's development to the point that Escape and Enter cannot contact him. But the two have an idea why.

Episode 28: Beware of that Chicken (9/2)
Hiromu is attending a party for his sister Rika who just won a prize for her Children's book. On another part Sprayroid appears and it has the ability to change his opponents appearance and the change in color confuses everyone. Sprayroid applies the spray to other Gobusters, one of which is Hiromu's weakness.

On an earlier scene, Sprayroid sprayed himself and changed into Rika, Hiromu's sister. As Rika, he approached Nick but he doesn't know she is a fake. Nick starts to talk about Hiromu's weakness to the fake Rika.

Escapes has been monitoring Enter and she is suspicious of his movements. 

Episode 29: Enter the hyperspace (9/9)
Hiromu's father Yosuke Sakurada sends messages from hyperspace which gives Hiromu some evidence that he is still alive so as Yoko's mother. Kuroki gives advise whether the team should take the lead into hyperspace. To defeat Messiah, they have to bring the fight into hyperspace. During this moment, Vagrass appears in front of their base. Messiah Cell emerges!

Episode 30: Messiah Shutdown (9/16)
Gobusters goes head to head with Messiah who suddenly evolves to a higher power. Hiromu is cautious on the impact of this danger.

Episode 31: Space Sheriff Gavan Appears (9/23)
A woman named Sherry appears and introduced herself to the team letting them know that she is chasing Rhino Doubler and an unidentified person. The Gobusters will help her and learn more about criminal organization Makuu and the space detective of the galaxy federal police. Metaroids appear and Hiromu shoots but hits Gavan, Sherry and Yoko.

Episode 32: (Title TBA) (9/30)
Rhino Doubler appears


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