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Monday, August 6, 2012

Kamen Rider Wizard Enemies Revealed, Sounds And More

Videos have been posted all over Youtube on the sound effects that Kamen Rider Wizard's devices will make, a preempt to the series airing on September 2. First is Wizard Driver and the WizardSwordGun.

The WizardDriver shouts the first transformation - Flame Style with "Flame! Please!" The WizarSwordGun's hissatsu attack says, "Come on a Slash! Shake hands!" and "Flame! Slash Strike! accompanied with a funky background music and a "Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi!" which could be short for Heat. 

Another video below showcases the press conference held recently to introduce Kamen Rider Wizard to the public. Wizard is fighting with a Phantom - an antagonist group out against our rider.

Speaking of Phantoms, we have a more scans of these guys. Phantoms were released through a solar eclipse ceremony that also lead to the creation of the magical rider. Like how Pandora's box released all problems of this world.

Just like Zodiarts, there are two types - Phantoms are the stronger monsters while Apparitions are like minions to Phantoms and Ghouls are your mob strikers, weaker than Apparitions.

Two Phantoms were revealed namely Medusa and Phoenix. Phoenix head honcho but in human form, his name is Yuugo. Phoenix is the strongest and he has the power to regenerate at will.

Sharing the position is Medusa and in human form she is called Misa. Just like Fourze's Aries, she is able to see within humans the potential to unleash Apparitions.

Hell-Hound and Minotaurus are the first two Apparitions that Kamen Rider Wizard will face. A Phantom was born through the "Gate" from the human despair, starting from the spirit world then devour the host and making appearance to the reality world. After that they copy the host's appearance.


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