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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Kamen Rider Wizard's Powers

With a few days to go before Kamen Rider Wizard's debut, let's take a more in-depth look on what to expect this Sunday. Kamen Rider Wizard as we all know by now uses rings to provoke magic not only to wave on elements but also call in animals to help.

His main weapon, WizardSwordGun, enables the rider to wave two attacks which is the Shooting Strike and in sword mode it's Slash Strike. Different rings will have different output from this weapon.

For example in Water Style, Wizard can use the water and sword as a combination. In Hurricane Style on the other hand, uses the power of wind to slash Phantoms.

Wizard also has a Defense Ring that creates a shielding wall. Combined with Earth Style, the wall is invoked underground. The Liquid Ring lets Wizard turn into water if he’s in the Water Style.

There are other useful and unique rings in Kamen Rider Wizards arsenal such as the Sleep Ring, the ability is self explanatory. The Light Ring to create light, the Bind Ring allows Wizard to find a rope or chain and bind anyone. The Small Ring allows Wizard to shrink in size.

Most of the abilities are fueled from what they call Miracle Power.

These rings can be used on magic platform cards called PlaMonsters. The Red Garuda files around to search in the air. Blue Unicorn has a phenomenal speed to chase enemies. Lastly the Yellow Kraken for under water trials.

By using the Dragon Rise Ring, Wizard can summon the WizarDragon. He’s also able to combine it with his bike and turn it into Winger WizarDragon.

Source: HJU 


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