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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Toy Review: S.H. Figuarts Akiba Blue

AkibaRangers knew they have someone special when they included Mitsuki Aoyagi on their team as AkibaBlue. Lets see if she is also special when she was sent to Bandai's HQ and made a Figuart form. This is a review of the S.H. Figuarts AkibaBlue.

The changes on the box art are subtle, just change on the colors to match with the character. Accessory count is not too shabby as well. She has about 10 interchangeable Karate hands and 3 mufflers. Mufflers are like in a progression wherein the two halves keep on getting wider and wider.  Don't forget the she also includes the MMZ-01, nothing much difference from Red but when used, this gun does feels balanced on the figure given the her frame and how big her hands are. Unladylike huh?
I've said this before, the come on for Akibarangers is how anime mash with tokusatsu with such gusto.  Aoyagi sports a ponytail on her helmet and if you look closely, her visors are like bangs, some girls have masked during their pre-teen days. She has a mouth, very reminiscent of sentai of yesteryears.

But unlike the women in the sentai universe, her breasts are more prominent on the universe but enough about that. On her skirt there are slits so that you don't need to have replacement parts like other female SHFs before her. No detail have left unturned and the bear mark on her butt.

I have see no surprise on her ability to move and groove and moreover, she can stand in one leg. As a whole, I think I understood why in Japan (as Mr. S from CSTOYS said) there is not a lot of demand for these Akiba toys. I used to review according to what a toy has to over against how much it actually costs and should not be they way. With AkibaBlue, I've overlooked  that and inspected on how beautiful she is in S.H. Figuarts form, I gasped. Maybe not a must have in some regions but it is her innate beauty that will allure you and your money to grab this.




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