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Monday, September 24, 2012

Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 5: The Deciding Match of the Contest - Preview

Kamen Rider Wizard episode 5 is entitled: "The Deciding Match of the Contest" "Kessen no Konkūru" (決戦のコンクール). Haruto must find a way to defeat Caitsith before he converts Takagi while also helping Koyomi discover the truth of her origins.

Haruto becomes desperate in protecting the genius pianist who the Phantom is aiming. Takagi's selfish behavior allows the Phantom to keep on  attacking Takagi. Haruto transforms into Wizard once again to track down the Phantom but without mana, Wizard will have little magic and will miss this opportunity to capture it.

Haruto knows that Takagi who is now in the competition will not able to win when he is distracted from being attacked by the Phantom. Haruto questions Takagi "do you really want me to attack the Phantom"?


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