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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Toy Review: Play Arts Kai Cyborg Ninja RED VERSION

This is a quick review of the Play Arts Kai Cyborg Ninja RED VERSION. If you want to check out the regular blue and white armored Cyborg Ninja, check the link here. During the Singapore Toy Games and Comic Convention held last Sept 1-2, I wasn't too sure which one I should be picking up. With just a few bucks to spend, I landed on The Falcon's Hangar booth. It took my like 5 times going back and forth in different booths until I made my decision to pick this limited Cyborg Ninja Red version.

I believe this was seen during the SDCC this year but it made its way to Asia. Red's paint applications kinda reminds you of Deadpool (as many has said) with deeper color textures highlighting its muscular attributes. Same mold, same articulation and same weapons except that this has an extra open face Gray Fox head for the other Cyborg Ninja. 

The extra head sculpt looks fantastic but placed on Gray Fox's original body, the whole figure looks taller.  I had some quality issues on Red like the shoulders are not as cooperative as the first, next the joints on the hips and legs are loose. Again these are some problems I have encountered but I'm also not generalizing that all Red Versions released were as bad as mine. Besides, I can always ask to replace this.

Setting these qualms aside, this version is another good addition to the Play Arts Kai Metal Gear figures knowing that there is always an alternative.



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