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Monday, November 26, 2012

Kamen Rider Beast Arrival In Ultimatum: It's Feeding Time!

Japanese magazines have additional details on Kamen Rider Beast who will appear on this year's rider movie war : "Kamen Rider Movie War ULTIMATUM” opening this December 8th. However, no details yet who will be playing the role of the secondary rider on the series.

Kamen Rider Beast will be utilizing the Beast Driver (ビーストドライバー) and the Beast Color (ビーストカラー), for transformation while is weapon of choice is called the Dice Saber (ダイスサーベル).

It is also confirmed that Kamen Rider Beast will be arriving in the  Wizard Action Please! (WAP line). Just like Wizard, Beast will be accompanied by  partner "beasts" namely: Beast Chimaera which comprises of Falcon (orange), Chameleon (green), Dolphin (blue) and Buffalo (red). These elements will affect Beast's ability to fight represented by the color of this cape and his eyes.

His catchphrase based on the movie seems to tbe  “Now, it's feeding time...(さぁ、食事の時間だ - Saa, shokuji no jikan da). When the ring is scanned it makes a sound "Fafafa Falco".  Here is a preview from this weeks Kamen Rider Wizard opening credits.



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