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Friday, December 28, 2012

DX Beast Driver and Dice Saber Promo Streamed!

As we wait for the arrival of  Kamen Rider Beast in  Kamen Rider Wizard next year, check out the streamed promo of the DX Beast Driver and the DX Dice Saber.

The video mentions that once you stick the Beast Ring on the side of the buckle, it says "SET!!!" followed by "OPEN" and lastly the henshin sound "L-I-O-N, LION!!!" The DX Beast Driver will include Falcon (orange), Chameleon (green), Dolphin (blue) and Buffalo (red) rings. To know more how the DX Beast Driver works, here is a short video about it.

The other is Kamen Rider Beast's weapon of choice, the DX Dice Saber. As the video and the name states, the mid section of the sword is in a form of a Die and the ring stops the die from moving to show the level of his Buffa Saber Strike.


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