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Monday, December 31, 2012

Kamen Rider Beast Cloak Changes

As we wait for the arrival of  Kamen Rider Beast in  Kamen Rider Wizard's next episode, here is a clearer scanned image of the rider with the cloak changes. Initially, Kamen Rider Beast has 4 changes acquired from Beast Chimera namely:

  • Falcon (orange) ability of flight,  
  • Chameleon (green)  camouflage ability
  • Buffalo (red) enhanced strength
  • Dolphin (blue) power of water.
Kamen Rider Beast/Kousuke Nitoh is played by Tasuku Nagase. A mayonnaise addict and an archeologist student. During an expedition, he discovers the Beast Driver.

Inset is Kamen Rider Wizard Land Dragon with using a special ring which enables him to acquire big claws.


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