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Monday, December 3, 2012

Naruto, One Piece, Kuroko Top Selling Manga In Japan For 2012

Statistics holding company Oricon, has revealed the top 30 selling manga series for 2012. Among the 30 titles listed, Naruto, Kuroko Basketball and One Piece belong to the top 3. 

As for which volumes sold most copies, One Piece and Naruto gain the top spot.

Naruto's Volume 61 entitled: The Brothers Fight United, sold over 1,281,309 copies in 2012. The story features Rinnegan/Sharingan Tobi, Kabuto in Sage Mode, Sasuke, Itachi, and Naruto. 

One Piece's volume 65 entitled: To Zero "Zero ni" (ゼロに), sold about 3,336,992 copies making this the top selling volume for 2012. This features the Straw Hats fighting the New Fishman Pirates' officers, Luffy stops Shirahoshi from sacrificing herself and fly up to the Noah with her and Fukaboshi. Hody betrays Vander Decken and defeats him before challenging Luffy. As Luffy fights with Hody, Decken falls unconscious, destroying the bubble. 

Check out the complete list from Oricon via ANN. (link 1, 2), One Piece summary c/o Jefusion


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