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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Rumors: Kyoryuger Villians and KyoryuPink

We've already seen what the 37th Super Sentai Juuden Sentai Kyoryuger (獣電戦隊キョウリュウジャー)  look like but how about the villains they are up against? It was rumored across interwebs that foot soldiers that will be featured are called Amoeba and resembles the Bamia in Bakuryu Sentai Abaranger. The Amoeba may have  purple, seaweed-like hair. This followed on the rumor that the story will revolve around nature vs machines wherein nature is the enemy. This is the first time we hear that nature is against human kind.

On another note, it has been speculated that actress Madoka Takahashi has been posting hints about a shoot that involved her to wear a costume and enjoying the whole filming. This has lead to the rumor that she will be playing KyoryuPink. Follow her through this link.Juuden Sentai Kyoryuger premiers February 17, 2013.


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