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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Toy Review: S.H. Figuarts X Chogokin Machine Itashar

THE PAINMOBILE! Here is a review of the S.H. Figuarts X Chogokin Machine Itashar (マシンイタッシャー, Mashin Itasshā). Why is this also called Chogokin? Because it has big chunks of die-cast metal. The first time I saw this available online for pre-order and so as the price tag for this, I'd saved up a lot for the past few months just to get enough moolah to afford it. As a long time collector of S.H. Figuarts figures and also a fan of the show, Akibarangers, it is too difficult to give it a pass.  Hail to 2012's first, biggest and most expensive transforming vehicle in the S.H. Figuarts line.

The time the figure is already up for collection, I was warned that this is awfully heavy (and it is) and I must use the store's thicker plastic bags so I can carry it back home. So is it worth it 500 bucks?

The package follows the design of the DX 1/1 scale MMZ-01which is not a surprise since it slightly has the width of the latter. I couldn't have done this any other way.

In car mode, Machine Itashar is religiously lives up to its etymological orgin - Itashaa. The Prius is covered with a sturdier kind of sticker which I believe was actually used in most Itashaa. You can't go wrong forgetting its name and what it represents since Aoi is plastered all over the vehicle. If you accidentally scratch it, you can define where the sticker ends and where the plastic mold starts.

When I took the car out of the plastic tray, it seems like the passenger door won't fully shut. If it happens to you, my cure was to loosed the screw of the door just a bit. Its wheels have been painted nicely to give that illusion that these were alloys. Itashaa's wheels rolls pretty well but stops in a very short distance probably because of the weight. 

SHF Akibarangers can sit squarely inside the car which is a plus really. Well it should or else this is one big useless paperweight. That's all about the car mode.

What this is included with is a customized stand with a team logo embossed on the platform, the Signage Rifle (Kanban ban) and Dual Tsundere Swords from maid cafe signage boards, an extra rubber antenna and a miniaturized Heroic Lily CD.

During the whole transformation to Machine Itashar Robo, the stand really helps align things up to prepare in completing the whole task. It is really tedious if you don't use the stand. Another reason for having the latter is because the legs (though they are in stiff ratchet joints) cannot carry the weight of the whole cab. The knees automatically fold up when trying to make this stand up. I feel cheated in a way (yes I know the images are photoshoped) since the promo images let you believe that it could stand up independently and come face to face with my transformers Prime collection.

Once the transformation was completed, the robot feels robust and spot on. You may find the rest of the articulation parts from the video below. Weapons fold up nicely and doesn't obscure most of the view especially when your Figuarts are inside their respective places.

Overall, yes it is really a great figure to have in addition to the S.H. Figuarts Akibaranger line. However I feel that the price is too much for anyone who really wants one. If it could trim down say, the price of 1 RAH or Project BM from Medicom then it justifies its price point. It is the holiday season when I started writing this review and you  can use that money to buy other stuff. For example you can use the money instead to buy 3 Transformers Masterpieces or 5 Tamashii Web Exclusives or 10 regular-released SHF toys.  Or donate some money to charity or the needy. Oh yeah, I did save up money too for my annual charity drives. Don't feel envious if you didn't get one, really....


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