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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Akibaranger Season 2 Filming Starts

Recently it has been circled around the net that the Akibarangers Season 2 kick started and here are the photos for reference. It has been mentioned from people who managed to see the shoot that Kyoko Hinami who portrayed AkibaBlue was not present and it seems like she has been replaced. It is not yet confirmed if Hinami will continue to reprise her role. 

The girl with the green hair is Karin Ogino, who plays Yumeria Moegi (Akiba Yellow). Masato Wada, playing as Nobuo Akagi (Akiba Red) was also present at the scene. The three are preparing to transform to their suits. 

It was confirmed that Naruhisa Arakawa will helm in writing the script for season 2. The team has started writing for the new season since April of last year.

Aside from Arakawa,  Hiroshi Maeda (Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger /Tyranno Ranger), Fusayo Fujita (AkibaYellow), Ōshima Haruka (AkibaBlue), Sanshiro Wada (AkibaRed) will reprise their respective roles as suit actors in the show. Hiroshi Maeda was a suit actor for other past Sentai warriors who graced the previous season.

Source: HJU


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