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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Dragon Ball Heroes Game To Include Augment Reality Scouter

It was announced recently that the game Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission for the Nintendo 3DS will be including an augment reality "Scouter". Using the the Nintendo 3DS camera, you can take a picture of you and your friend's face and check your power meters. Scanning people will get players items and Zeni. 

If you scan someone with a high power level, Great Ape Vegeta will appear as a boss fight! Other players can team up to battle Vegeta on.  Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission game covers story arcs from the Super Saiyan saga all the way to Dragon Ball GT.  Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission will be released in Japan this February 28, 2013. First set of copies will include a set of Dragon Ball Heroes cards.


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