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Monday, January 28, 2013

Kamen Rider Wizard: DragoTimer Details

In the upcoming episode of Kamen Rider Wizard, we will be introduced to a new armament called the DragoTimer. Here are some spoilers on how Haruto will acquire this. 

The White Wizard will come before Haruto and together they create the a magic tool called the DragoTimer.

The Drago Timer enables the power of the WizarDragons come into full circle allowing Kamen Rider Wizard split into four forms at the same time: Flame Dragon, Water Dragon, Hurricane Dragon and Land Dragon. Kamen Rider Wizard need not to bring all four Dragon forms but he is able to choose either of the two. 

This new weapon can also access All Dragon forms into Flame Dragon. Which means all other parts of other Dragon forms fuses with FlameDragon and gives Haruto power X3. He is also able summon more potential to his existing magical rings.  It’s also different from Special Rush in Ultimatum. Special Rush was created from Patrine’s magic instead. 

Wizard and Beast will enable to switch rings! Both will have the opportunity to do so but what will be the outcome?

The mysterious young man who appeared in episode 18 is actually the Gremlin Phantom, his human form goes by the name of Sora. Unlike other Phantoms, Gremlin doesn’t listen to Medusa and he seems to whatever he wants to. The Phantom to the left is Weretiger, he’s trying to make a Phantom out of Nitoh’s grandmother.

Source: HJU


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