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Monday, January 28, 2013

Kyoryuger 2nd Promo, Presscon, Toys, Plot and MORE!!!

About two weeks from now Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger will take the center stage and the morning prime time slot in TV Asahi. To push the envelop even more,  Toei posted more information what to expect from the 37th Super Sentai. READ ON!

"Kyou (Strong) Ryu (Dragon) Sha (Person" As the name suggests, these warriors are known as the "Kyoukiryu no Sha" (People of the Strong Dragon.) In Ancient Times, the Ankokushuu Deibos (Darkness Species Deibos) landed upon the Earth. Those who fought against it at the time were none other than the Dinosaurs.  Kenshin-Torin chose 10 Dinosaurs, and placed their soles within mechanical bodies, making them into "JyuDenRyu." In this form, they fought back against Deibos, freezing his soul, sinking him into the sea; immersed in ice.
In the present:

In order to carry out the revival of Shukun Deibos (Master Deibos), his subordinates began their plans. Their plans involve inhaling the souls of men, and offering them up to Deibos. Once more, the sky is covered with ominous clouds, and ice age begans, and the time of civilization's extinction is at hand!
To counter this, Kenshin-Torin searches for present day champions, humans, who are able to unite their souls. These people are the Kyoukiryu no Sha, the Kyouryuger. Torin chooses such brave humans, and has them fight against the JyuDenRyu. If they overcome the battle, they will obtain the powers of a Kyouryuger. Under the command of Torin, the Kyouryuger rise to this challenge! The magnifcient Kyouryuger's Brave Battle has just begun!

above translations c/o Dukemon22.

Nao Nagasawa will not be the only well-known actor guesting in upcoming episodes. We also have Ayumi Kinoshita (DekaYellow/DekaRanger), Kenji Ebisawa (Go-on Black/Go-Onger), Junichi Haruta (Goggle Black/Goggle V, DynaBlack/Dynaman), Kentaro Shimazu (Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Ultimatum), Shinji Yamashita (Tenchijin), Toshiyuki Morikawa (Ryu in "Street Fighter Alpha"). Check out the photos below on their respective roles.

 Torin on the right is the mentor of the Kyoryuger. On the left is their HQ, Spirit Base.

Dantetsu Kiryu played by Shinji Yamashita is Daigo's father who gave him an amber pendant.

Ayumi Kinoshita playing KyoryuBlue's sister. 

On the left is Soji, KyoryuGreen’s father.

Lastly is KyoryuBlack's best friend, played by Kenji Ebisawa

Although the team already has a battery set on hand, there are still missing numbers they need to collect:
  • 6 : Pteragodon (Pteranodon)
  • 8 : Bunpachy (Pachycéphalosaurus)
  • 9 : Plesion (Plesiosaurus)
  • 10 : Bragigas (Brachiosaurus)
  • 12 : Deinosgrander (Deinodon)
  • 13 : Kentrospiker (Kentrosaurus)
  • 23 : Futabain (Futabasaurus)
Here is the cast in the latest photo images from their recent meet-and-greet with the press.
  • Daigo Kiryu / KyoryuRed: Ryo Ryusei
  • Ian Yorkland / KyoryuBlack: Syusuke Saito
  • Nobuharu Udou / KyoryuBlue: Kinjo Yamato
  • Souji Rippukan / KyoryuGreen: Akihisa Shiono
  • Amy Yuzuki / KyoryuPink: Ayuri Konno


And I leave you with the 2nd promo of Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger. 


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