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Monday, February 25, 2013

KyoryuCyan, Violet, Grey and Silver Adds To Kyoryuger?

We have seen a scan of KyoryuGold recently, there was a magazine scan on another, KyoryuCyan. How will this new hero blend in with the rest of the Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger?

500 years ago, ZyuDenRyu Ankydon chose its own Brave, the "Hagane no Yuusha" (Brave of Steel) KyouryuCyan, whose human name was Ramirez. KyouryuCyan appears to the Kyouryuger in spirit form to entrust Ankydon's power to them granting powers from his partner to form Kyoryuzin Macho.
There will be two more dino buddies and other weapons that will be introduced during the series. Using the Kyouryu Spirits, the Kyouryuger can summon the Gabutyra Fang, ParasaShot, StegoShield, ZactorSlasher and DriceraLance; collectively known as the ZyuDen Arms. Using ZyuDenChi 13, the arms can be united into KentroSpiker. ZyuDenChi 11, DinoChaser, summons the two dinosaurs, Dinos and Chase, and can combine them into one, forming a motorcycle.

 KentroSpiker, and other ZyuDen Arms

Kyoryujin Western, Macho and Stegotchi Zactor

KentroSpiker can be utilized by the Gaburivolver to perform the "KentroSpikerBeam."

Stymero seems to emit a sort of smoke (possibly one to make the enemies fall in love with the user; meromero meaning to fall in love.)

Allomeras emits a fire blast attack. (Meramera meaning to "Burst into flames".)

Green will be able to utilize Parasagun's power in his sword, for a cool looking combo attack.

Toperanda can give fluency (perapera) to the user itself (note Pink's stretchy legs) or the user's weapon (giving Green a bendy sword.)

Iguranadon's battery emits a "tickling attack" (Kusuguri Kougeki)

The Dino Chasers namely Allomeras (Red), Toperanda (Green)


It is also speculated that there will be KyoryuGrey, KyoryuSilver and KyoryuViolet from the beast batteries seen on the scan above.

Kyoryugers on DeinoChasers

Also listed on the latest magazine scans are the upcoming episodes:

Brave 4:
Title- Uchinuke! Yuuki no Gaburivolver (Strike! The Gaburivolver of Courage)
Airs- 3/10/13

Brave 5:
Title- Dogoun! Mutsuba no Ankydon (Dogoun! Ankydon the 6th)
Airs- 3/17/13

Brave 6:
Title- Stoppu! Utau Candelila (Stop! Candelila Sings)
Airs- 3/24/13

Brave 7:
Title- Ikare! Daigo no Dai Pinchi (Get Angry! Daigo's Big Pinch)


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