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Friday, February 1, 2013

More Kyoryuger Toys Plus KyoryuGold Rumors

In just two weeks, from know Zyuden Sentai Kyoryugers will take center stage on its TV Asahi morning spot. We have posted an ample amount of information about on the first five but this time our focus will be on the 6th ranger: KyoryuGold. This is according to recently posted toy release schedules. Recently it was posted though toysyukky.com comfirming that these will be released soon.

KyoryuGold will use the GaburiChanger, a gauntlet, as a transformation device. The may weapon is called the ZanderThunder, an electric sword. KyoryuGold will have his own mecha, the Pteragodon, the golden pteranodon, that will transform (Kaminari Henkei, Electric Transformation) into PteRaidenOh (Pte = Ptera, Raiden = Synonymous of lightning, Oh = King).

In summary, here is the release dates of these toys:

  • Thunder Transformation (kaminari henkei) DX PteRaiDen-Oh
  • Fang Shot set
  • Shieldraun Slasher set
  • Sentai Hero Series: Kyoryu Gold
  • Transformation Gauntlet - Gaburi Changer
  • Series ZyuDen Sword - Zander Thunder (Chokuretsu Zyuden Ken - Zanda Sanda, series as in series circuits.)
  • ZyuDen Phone - ZyuDen Mobuckle Kyoryu Gold ver.
  • ZyuDenRyu Series: 04. Bunpachy


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