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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Toy Review: DX WizarDragon & Machine Winger

The set comes with the Dragon Rise Ring to summon the Wizard Dragon and this is only the accessory it comes with. So let’s go through the nitty gritty with the DX Machine Winger first. It is difficult to find great things to say about this bike at first because on how it escapes show accuracy. The fork, the body and wheels are thick but all because it serves to transform and attach to the WizarDragon. Although the wheels turn on its axle, there is what it looks like a pair of training wheels basically for the Strike Phase mode.

Its main attraction, is the WizarDragon. The dragon is too huge for the box that is why  its tail is detached from the package. Haruto's Phantom has interesting scaled golden neck and red gem ornamented on its chest forehead and eyes. Wings fold and retract and the legs go back and forth. Only the front legs have side to side swivel.

The first formation is called the Winger WizarDragon. Focus is on the Machine Winger unlocking the pegs to showcase the Wizard red transluscent design and acts as a second wing for the dragon. Then the Machine Winger snaps on top and secures itself at the back. In this form, the wing span is now longer and adds to grace of the combination, while the WAP Kamen Rider Wizard Flame Style sits comfortably using the throttle as handle bars for the figure.

And now the second part, the Strike Phase. WizarDragon's legs, wing, tail and neck clamps back on a fetus position and something familiar to G1 Transformers. WizarDragon becomes a giant armored foot and the final touch is attach the Machine Winger for a stronger strike end.

The verdict? The duo looks great and serves their main purpose and the effect of this figure for the WAP line. Both the S.H. Figuarts and the WAP! Kamen Rider Wizard Flame Style look pair with the dragon quite nicely and affordable to all the things considered. If only the WizarDragon had like some light and sounds gimmik, this set could have been an easy take away. It just comes short from the Power Dizer. More to this from the video review below.




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