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Monday, March 11, 2013

Toy Review: Play Arts Kai Arkham City Robin

At 9 and a half inches tall, the Play Arts Kai Robin almost follows the same texture as other Play Arts Kai Batman figures before him. While some of the armor exhibits a mixture of metallic glossy paint finish, some parts such as the hood and cape gives that familiar texture, like Batman's.

Robin cape is on a fixed mold, it is still pliable enough to let the arms slightly move around. The figure is only packaged with three accessories. First is the relaxed hand for the right arm and a relaxed hand on the right. Exchanging the hands are quite an easy task as long as you do the corkscrew maneuver that leaves no stress on the pegs. His weapon of choice is a grey Bo molded from a soft plastic with a ribbed mid section to allow more grip.

There are just a few minor nitpicks on the figure which is the cape that hinders the arms and looking at some in game footage, the hood should be pointier as what has been digitally rendered. Finally, I wished there where 2 holding hands and 2 relaxed hands. That way, the Bo can be switched on either side making more incredible positions.

Aside from the hindrances because of the cape, it is hard to work around the head. During the course of the review, as you try to move the head, it easily pops out from the socket. Second are the feet that won't obey your every command. Thus, it is difficult to make a straight standing position without the figure bending its knees and setting the legs on an "A" position. They are darn too soft in my opinion. I hope the people at Square Enix change this into a hinged toe instead of a pivot point.

What you see is no surprise and was served with nothing less from guys at Square Enix Play Arts Kai team. Sure there are inconsistencies between the paint application on the chest, limited articulation and some missed sculpting on the hood, but the quality that led to the creation of this figure is just plain awesome overall.




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