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Friday, April 12, 2013

New Ultraman Retsuden Cast Information

Latest news information revealed the title of the new Ultraman series called New Ultraman Retsuden featuring the latest addition to the family, Ultraman Ginga. This new show will run for 30 minutes with an all-new cast. New Ultraman Retsuden plot revolves around high school students who happen to encounter giant monsters along with Ultraman Ginga in present day Japan.

A long time ago in space, an unknown evil has transformed all of the Ultraman heroes and monsters into dolls which then scattered across the universe and arrives on Earth through a meteor shower.  A boy mysteriously finds a Ginga Spark which enables him to bring back other Ultramen into their original form. With this Ginga Spark, he can Ultra Live and merge with the doll.

Cast includes the following:

  • Takuya Negishi: to play as 17-year old highschool student Hiraku Raidou. One of the main protagonists who will transform into Ultraman Ginga using the Ginga Spark.
  • Mio Miyatake: to play as Hiraku's childhood friend
  • Mizuki Ono as Kenta Watari
  • Kirara as Chigusa Kuno

  • Takuya Kusakawa as Tomoya Ichijoji, a transfer student who will be Hikaru's rival. 

New Ultraman Retsuden will be directed by Yuichi Abe (Sengoku Basara - Moonlight Party), Tomo Haraguchi (Death Kappa), Kengo Kaji (Iron Man: Rise of Technovore/Writer) and Yoshikazu Ishii (Godzilla: Final Wars).  New Ultraman Retsuden will premier this July 10. 


Via: HJU


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