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Friday, April 26, 2013

Toy Review: R&M Kamen Rider Knight Survive and Darkraider

The R&M Knight Survive for its age still has the metallic blue and slightly brownish paint applications still intact. Surprisingly, the joints remain solid even without the presence of an abdominal joint. Two hinged cape accessories are included that need to be plugged at the back or the figure. With these on, both are a tight fit and complete the first part. 

A Dark Visor Zwei is included and must be pegged on the left arm of Kamen Rider Knight Survive. The Dark Blade is included in the mix but feels weird because there is no extra Visor without the blade in to keep everything consistent. Aside from this are three Advent Cards. Darkraider is the highlight of the set and adds to the Survive theme. Its total length is more or less than 12 inches. 

Bandai did an excellent job in choosing the right materials for the bike and the mixture of blue and bronze paint make the motorbike more than wanted. The unique parts of this are the chromed wheels similar to the R&M Dragranzer. To transform this into its monster form is easy. First is to push down the back of the bike to level with the front section. Then it is just a manner of lifting the throttles to become its ears and twisting the head and the lower section to assume the feet and tail. 

In summary , the bike looks great and can be paired with your S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Knight Survive. Transformation from bike to bat mode is a walk in the park and I don’t think that there will be loose threads on its joints in the near future. Give it 5 years or so, common shelf life of toys. For Kamen Rider Knight Survive, this is a decent figure despite the age when this was released. Just don’t let this figure stay under very warm temperature as the bronze paint melts easily. Only nitpick is that there are no variations on the Dark Visor that would make holding the blade sensible while the visor is still on Knight’s arm. More to this from the video review below.





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