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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Toy Review: R&M Kamen Rider Ryuki Survive & Dragranzer

The R&M Kamen Rider Ryuki Survive follows other R&M figures having about more or less 30 points of articulation held together by screws and less an upper torso joint. Some of the red and gold paint applications are uneven and in times smudges on the figure and on your fingers. This figure has been around for years and it is not as dynamic as today’s kamen rider toys.

This set is inclusive of 3 Advent cards and Ryuki Survive’s Dragvisor Zwei. If not in use you can always holster this on the figure by just plugging this on the side of his belt. What is cooler though is the Dragranzer. Dragranzer comes out of the box in pieces that is why you still need to connect the arms and the tail accordingly to complete the look.

In bike mode, the overall length is more than 12 inches from head to tail, which means this is the longest R&M toy in the series. Most of the parts are hollow plastic and the shinny bits are stickers. If you are looking for chromed pieces, these are located on rims of the wheels passed the disc brakes. Rolling this bike is not that smooth because of the under carriage scratching the surface since the level is almost at par with the wheels.

 Transforming the figure into dragon mode is the easiest part. It entails unfolding the legs and letting this stand straight up. Probably the only thing you need some instructions to is find the compartment on the chest to hide the front wheel.

This set has been around for years and I must say that it didn’t aged a bit. Since the S.H. Figuarts Ryuki Survive has been out, it is better to pair this with the Dragranzer rather than the R&M version to keep the feel more updated. As of this review, it is hard to find this set with the paint applications still in tact especially the stickers. If you still have a chance to get one, I would recommend getting this set. More to this from the video review below. NOTE: I tried to clean R&M Ryuki Survive but just doesn't work so the rest are with the SHF version instead.



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