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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Toy Review: S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Fourze Module Set 05

The most expensive module set in the S.H. Figuarts line and only set that claimed the stamp, "exclusive", is the Module Set 5. As the biggest set and hopefully the last, has 20 of both on and on switches to match with the modules included. I will not dwell much on the switches since it functions like any other.

Lets count the modules one by one. First is the Schop or Shovel module, a green plastic mold which is a plain shovel placed on Fourze's right arm. There are no additional gimmicks to this so I'll move over to the next one. Hand Module, much similar to the Magic hand but this time, is a lavander leg module with three segments to mobilization. This includes 3 more extra hands just for variety.

The Freeze Module is a mini fridge that has a door that can open to check out the tray molds. Not really that special and only used on some episodes only. Net Module is basically a soft plastic butterfly catcher with hinged stem and a rotating net placed on his right leg. Stamper module is more interesting because it is a stamp with working cylinders to act like shocks absorbers however these are not spring loaded and do not bounce back to their original position. If you are itching to do so, the base will working with a stamp pad and get results like the real deal.

Giant Foot module is a just a big shoe supposed to increase his kicking power, no more additional features on this one and it is what it is, a giant brown foot. Weird as it may sounds but the Screw Switch is actually a propeller enabling him to navigate under water. The propeller has a stiff axle and not as commanding as the Gyro Module.

The Gyro Module is a helicopter rotor-like module that gives Fourze a more controlled hover than of the Rocket Module. It is loose enough to spin well to imitate a helicopter in flight. Aero Module is a made out of four turbines to either suck compressed air to blast wind against any opponent. Unfortunately, the rotors don't move and difficult to work around because of its angled position. Should there be loose threads on Fourze, there is an additional left foot for you to use.  Last of the set is the Board Module that comes into three parts, the module for the leg, a foot rest and the actual board. You only need to connect the foot rest on to the board and peg with the extra foot to complete the experience.

Now you have 5 choices which of the module sets you really want to have. Either you pick one of the four or go for the bigger set. Besides, 3 module sets are equivalent to this package and I believe it is a decent price taking to account the number of modules this holds. More to this from the video review below.





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