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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Power Rangers Megaforce Returns Later This Year Promo

Saban's Power Rangers official Youtube channel began streaming their latest Power Rangers Megaforce promo promising their return to their time slot later this year. But will it be a welcomed one? You can check out the video after the link.

During the past few weeks, we had read stories already of past rangers being invited then later on cancelled on the last minute to appear on the second half of the season called Power Rangers Super Megaforce. Former rangers list Steve Cardenas (Red Ranger/MMPR), Karan Ashley (Yellow Ranger/MMPR) and Matt Austin turned down the offer due possible income loss for their short cameo on Super Megaforce. On the other hand Rhett Fisher (Titanium Ranger/LightSpeed Rescue), was offered to join but got uninvited to the alleged budget cuts. Below is an except of Karan's interview and her reason why she will not be appearing on Super Megaforce. One of the high hope is that the legendary Jason David Frank will make a cameo for Super Megaforce.

Additional info via HJU


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