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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Toy Review: Revoltech Snake (Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker)

The Revoltech Naked Snake is about 150mm and wearing a grey-ish fatigue suit with a lot of slings and military grade pouches around the figure. For the untrained eye, it is easy to miss the Hideo Kojima logo on the right shoulder. Big Boss is sporting a full beard and his signature eye patch. The hidden secret is that his eye can move by just unpegging the head and moving the eyeball inside.

Naked Snake includes 9 hands mainly to hold some weapons like the rifle, a pistol with a silencer, some hand hook to hang around and the stun rod. The Revoltech box to store some pieces has changed to camo green and the rest are the stage parts and the slash effect that you can also see from other Revoltech releases. If there is a need to, the stand can be plugged under one of Snake’s pouches or on the soles of his feet. 

The biggest take away, in my opinion is the 25th anniversary Metal Gear Box that needs to be cut out and glue the flaps together. To make the experience follow as per the Peace Walker game, Kaiyodo also threw in the exclamation stand with a red and blue sign on each side and the sleeping sign. 

Articulation is pretty basic for a Revoltech figure. However, unlike other releases, this one is not hunched. I guess it is a direction from Hideo Kojima himself. Switching hands are easy to replace accordingly to your liking. 

My major gripes on the figure are the gap between the chest and the neck and the slings on the crotch make one of its legs are longer than the other. Aside from that I was taken abreast on the overall look of the figure, the head sculpt is actually better than the initial photos. The accessories are well made and with Hideo Kojima’s seal of approval, definitely a collectors item for all Metal Gear fans. More to this from the video review below. 





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