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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Tasty Ultraman Curry Meal Set For September Release

Premium Bandai's website recently announced that the company will be selling its second installment of the Ultra Diner series with SSSP's Curry. SSS's Curry is a meal based from the 1966-1967 Ultraman TV series eaten by the Science Patrol in one of its episodes

The SSSP's Curry is based from the same recipe created by Susumu Kurobe who player as the senior Science Patrol member Shin Hayata aka the first Ultraman brother. Basically the curry is a combination of rice and curry packed in a plastic pouch similar to what was seen in the Ultraman series.  

Included in this 4 200 gram set box is a die-cast reproduction of Shin Hayata's’ “Beta Capsule”.  Premium Bandai is now accepting SSSP's Curry limited orders for 6,300 yen and its is expected to ship this September 2013.


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