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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Toy Review: S.H. Figuarts War Machine (Iron Man)

Of course, it is just sensible that S.H. Figuarts War Machine follows suit after the release of Iron Man Mark VI.Rather than having shinny red attributes, War Machine sports a mix of matte black and dull grey paint applications. To make it more close to the movie, air force logos are found mostly on his torso namely the shoulders, arms and near the chest area. As a default there are two submachine guns latched on his arms. 

Swappable parts include 2 additional hands and effects. Wait there’s more! War machine is not complete without the biggest weapons that can be snuck in just one chunk of armor. First, are the missile turrets for the shoulders. War Machine needs to remove the panels on his shoulders which at first, hard to remove. Now off, the turrets can be easily plugged on. As an option, there is a guided missile silo for the left shoulder that should have launched the EX Wife. Last on the weapons list is the minigun that is plugged just at the back of head. This gun has a few hinges that allow the arms to swivel in different sections, but not as dynamic as Revoltech’s offering.To complete, a soft plastic and stretchable bullet link is connected on the barrel and mounted on the back. 

The effects are used mainly for the semi automatics, the Gatling Gun and his two feet. An additional pair of flaps are included, to replace those found behind his shins. When the launchers are on, there will be some limitations on the head articulation. In addition are the hindrances on the feet moving from side to side because of the shin armor extensions. What I really hate is the squeaking sound on the pelvis while moving the legs. I hope it only happened to me. The rest of the joints are a delight especially that 4 segmented upper body and ab joints.

It seems that the S.H. Figuarts looks great compared to Mark VI, but not quite. The pegs seem too thin on War Machine and it takes a careful hand when swapping parts. The flaps on the shin don’t really hold on and most of the time during this review falls off effortlessly. What I can say is that the S.H. Figuarts execution is definitely better than Revoltech’s. Meaning this is a figure on this scale that still combines form and function into one package. Moreover, this War Machine packs with die-cast feet for better stability.







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