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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Kamen Rider Wizard In Magica Land Net Movie 2nd Promo

TOEI's official Youtube channel started streaming the latest promo for the Kamen Rider Wizard net movies entitled Kamen Rider Wizard Net Movie: In Majica?! Land. This is in line with the upcoming summer movie Kamen Rider Wizard In Magic Land.

There will be 24 comedic episodes in total containing 10 segments of Kamen Rider Deka, 6 episodes of Shunpei as Kamen Rider Mage, 5 episodes or Koyomi's room and 3 episodes for the search to the Magic Rider. Toei Tokustatsu BBS and Bandai Channel will began distribution of episodes online this July 12. You can check out the updates by visiting the official website through this link.


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