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Thursday, July 18, 2013

SDCC 2013: MMPR Legacy Mask Collection, Dragon Dagger, Dragonzord Revealed

Still in line with this week San Diego Comic Con 2013 event, Bandai revealed more Legacy Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Merchandises. The above image shows the Legacy Dragonzord, the Legacy Dragon Dagger. The Legacy collection boasts die-cast parts which is a staple for Legacy releases.

Also displayed are the Mighty Morphin  Legacy Mask Collection which features the head bust of all 6 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Finally Bandai revealed the prototype of the Jumbo Megazord that is mentioned to also transform into tank mode. 

The Legacy Dragon Dagger is slated to release in 2014 while the rest of the release dates and price of the above-mentioned items has yet to be announced.

Source: HJU, Tokunation


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