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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Toy Review: Nendoriod Iron Man Mark VII (The Avengers)

Goodsmile Company’s rendition of Iron Man Mark VII in Nendoriod style is taking its cue from the Avengers movie. Even if it is marked as such, its body frame slightly misses some of the essential points that would differentiate from other armors. Nevertheless, the needed parts are there enough to make this a unique figure.

Two stages are included in the package. The first is an assembling stage creating a scenic view of the city and a mini version of the Stark Tower. There are sockets on its side to attach the arms. And the other is your standard clear stage. Other parts are the closed fist hands, an open pair of hands, replusor blasts and flight hands, an effect to peg on his back and finally for his feet.

The problem with the figure is obviously a balance issue that is very common from other Nendoriod figures. But with Iron Man Mark VII, there are more limitations especially on leg articulation making it hard to find Iron Man-esque poses. Flight poseabilities are simple and the stages really make it happen.

There is some level of difficulty if you try to make this stand up without the help of the stage. This is because of his huge head being balanced by small feet. Unlike Spiderman, this figure has more limitations but it was compensated with his detachable faceplate to showcase a baby Tony. Anyway, Nendoriods were never meant to be as poseable as other figures but the intention is making a cute deformed representation of Tony Stark.




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