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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Toy Review: S.H. Figuarts Chou (Super) AkibaRed

Akagi returns in an upgraded persona with this S.H. Figuarts Chou AkibaRed from season 2 of Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger. Usually, Bandai would use the same frame and just put add on molds. This is not the case with Chou AkibaRed. The figure, aside from having Aoi-tan wrapped around has some updates on his body. For example is having bigger shoulders and the black lines are bolder than the past release.

Chou AkibaRed has more hands, 11 to be exact. Then he has the MMZ-01 in doll form then the MMZ-02 in knife and figurine modes and finally the Munyu Moe Zubakyuuun, the combination of both MMZ-01 and the MMZ-02. There are also 2 mufflers that can be pegged at the left side of his back that used to be on his right. Just a reminder that the doll versions are freakishly flimsy. I know, I just broke MMZ-01's head.

Season 2’s S.H. Figuarts Chou AkibaRed subtle updates makes this a better offering that its first season. He has more packaged in one set and finally we have the figurine versions of the weapons that are absent from the previous release. Upgrade usually means better and it really reflects on Chou AkibaRed. I did recommend the first release and this figure is also not to miss. If you are looking for a show accurate Akibared in this scale, this is it.




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