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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Garo: The One Who Shines In The Darkness Episode 20: Mother - SUB

Garo: The One Who Shines In The Darkness episode 20 is entitled: Mother "Mazā" (母~Mother~). Fifteen years ago, in an effort to restore Garo's shine, Ryuga's mother Hakana and Rian's aunt Sari took part in the Zedom ceremony, supported by Burai, Rian's father Rikyo, and Sonshi, who was a Makai Knight. Hakana, in her effort to keep her promise with young Ryuga to restore Garo's golden shine, instilled powerful energy into a Madō plant she created, which can restore Garo's gold brilliance if they were killed.


As noted by Zaruba, this was a very risky move, as the extra energy made the Madō Horror very powerful. However, Hakana was confident that the Golden Knight could slay them. Tousei Kaneshiro interrupted the ceremony with grenades and Horrors started to appear from Zedom's seal. In the midst of the confusion, Tousei pretended to be an injured innocent bystander and stabbed Sonshi with one of the Zedom plant dropped from Hakana, turning him into Madō Horror. After killing Sari and delivering a fatal blow to Rikyo, Hakana was taken by Sonshi and Tousei to be the Madō Horror's "mother". Burai woke up and found dying Rikyo, who entrusted Rian to Burai. Back at the temple, the Zedom Plant turned Hakana younger with each plant removed from her, with Tousei using the Madō plants retrieved to make Madō Horrors. With the truth revealed, Hakana restores Ryuga's eyesight by sacrificing her own. With Ryuga's eyesight restored, the three Makai Knights race to rescue Rian.


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