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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

More Attachments Of KyoryuRed Carnival

Debuting in upcoming episode of Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger is the advent of KyoryuRed's upgraded form KyoryuRed Carnival that was revealed in recent toy catalog scans. Kyoryured Carnival can accessed by Gabutyra De Carnival 1+ Beast Battery, that can be combined with the Gabrevolver to form GabreCarnival. The Gabutyra De Carnival resembles a small Gabutyra that can transform into a gun.

Kyoryured Carnival will act like the Kyoryujin mecha having attachments just like the Western Carnival, Macho Carnival, Samba Carnival and Kung-Fu Carnival by using the right batteries. Yayoi will be creating more Beast Batteries for each of the Kyoryugers, making Beast Batteries #1 to #5 six each, and #7 through #9 three each. This would allow the team to utilize more Beast Batteries in battle. Each battery will have a sole purpose, 1 for transformation, 1 for Zyuden Arms, 1 for mecha, 1 for finisher, 1 for Carnival (for Red, while others for attachments), and an extra one.

One of the finishers in this mode is the Zyuden Carnival Finish. From the scan above, KyoryuRed Carnival and KyoryuGold takes on Dogold and Endol. 

More scans have revealed that KyoryuCyan and KyoryuGray will be returning in upcoming episodes. Finally, the scan below showcases Torin fighting Kyoryujin. More will be revealed next month.

Images via Heroshock, additional information c/o Jefusion 


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